Transformer Matrix DAC Technology
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Transformer Matrix DAC technology

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Main component of the system

We consider Digital-to-Analog Converter to be a key component of an audio system. DAC is the main starting point that predetermines the sound of entire system. Our newest invention is the technology to create  perfect DAC one can ever think of.

In search of Ideal

For over forty years engineers from all over the world have been seeking an optimal solution, but there is still no solution that would satisfy most demanding listeners. There are plenty rather advanced solutions which are extremely expensive but still do not yield live sound!

Passion for natural, unadorned sound, accurate in all the smallest details, gave us strength and inspiration to look for the right solution. Over the past 12 years we've done a lot of research and development with regard to different DAC technologies. About 60 intermediate solutions were created and tested.

Having tested every single chip based solution available in the market, we came to the conclusion that they were all disappointing. Besides, R-2R solution with all the variations do not allow reaching absolutely natural sound.

Meet Transformer Matrix

The result of our work in the last 5 years has led us to real breakthrough. At first it was Super R2R five years ago, then we came up with the SpeedMatrix that we announced a year ago.

And today we present an absolutely revolutionary solution - Transformer Matrix!

Fundamentally Perfect

Already a year ago, SpeedMatrix exceeded all known DAC solutions in sound quality, including ALL market leaders. This was confirmed by a series of tests and experiments:

April 2018. Experiment in Milano LaVerdi.
Experimental work performed under controlled conditions at Milano LaVerdi Auditorium ( Listening test was performed with headphones. Analog signal taken from microphones was converted to digital stream and then back to analog sound signal, and the result impressed the professionals. According to the conductor the sound in headphones was not inferior to the live orchestra!


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SpeedMatrix impression

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February 2019. Blind audition TRIUMPH DAC vs. MSB Select 2.
Listening session was performed with a famous Russian sound engineer Anatoly Weitzenfeld. TRIUMPH DAC built with SpeedMatrix architecture was compared to MSB Select 2 Full option. As a result Anatoly confidently determined sound advantage of TRIUMPH DAC!

Blind audition MSB Select 2 vs. TRIUMPH DAC

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March 2019. Transformer Matrix architecture developed
Based on the most optimum digital-to-analog conversion algorithm together with the analog matrix built with the elements that have never been used for such purposes, Transformer Matrix exceeds all known DAC solutions in sound quality.  DAC matrix built with transformers helps to get rid of any flaws inherent with resistors.

100% stable and 100% precise in all the smallest details of digital recording.The result achieved in sound exceeds Speedmatrix, making Transformer Matrix DAC technology an UNREACHABLE TOP!

Don't miss this chance

Within the days of HIGH END SHOW from 8 till 12 of May you have opportunity to meet with us to  evaluate Transformer Matrix DAC prototype and discuss possible partnering or purchasing of the Technology.

We are open to dialogue and looking  for a decent partner for further development of the project or a buyer (the only one) who owning the technology will become the Top Brand.

You are welcome with constructive suggestions.

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